November Beauty Queen Parade










During the month of November, Cartagena celebrates it’s independence from Spain. They have parades, music, fireworks, and lots of fiestas. We went to the parade Thursday afternoon and it was amazing. The parade includes Colombian beauty queens from each region of Colombia. The people perform different dances based on their culture from their region. It was awesome to see the different costumes and dances. We were warned ahead of time that there are a lot of thefts during these celebrations and that we should not carry a lot of money or expensive cameras with us. During the entire parade, I felt safe. We did not see any theft or anyone getting hurt. After the parade, a few locals told us that this was a small year for the fiesta. Most people did not come out because they could not afford to travel due to the economy being low.

With the parade comes a little fun as well. They sell these hug bottles of foam and everyone is spraying everyone. Also, people throw colored powder on each other or they just walk up to you and paint your face with their hands. It was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to get my whole face painted for FREE!!!!

Nov.4 Nov. Nov.2

Sweet revenge was given once we got our own bottles of foam…


Leah and I before things started to get really crazy.

Nov.5 Nov.6

I must have been standing in a bad place because my face was covered. Everyone else only had a few spots of blue on their faces. I look like I belong in the movie Braveheart.

Not only was it fun being foamed and colored, but it was a lot of fun watching the parade and seeing the cultural dances that each part of Colombia had to offer. That is one thing that is amazing about Cartagena… it is very culture rich.


One thought on “November Beauty Queen Parade

  1. I can see that you are having fun! I am so glad for you! How are you doing with looking for a Spanish boyfriend? I hope you are working hard on it! We miss you in here! Happy Holidays to you!

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