The Boat Parade

The Saturday after the street parade, the beauty queens participate in a water parade. Two beauty queens are on each boat with 5-7 Navy officers in uniform rowing the boat. It only cost 45 mil which is about $22.50 in dollars to get a seat on a boat to watch the parade. There was a whole group of us who went together to watch the parade. It was an extremely hot day and we were going to be sitting on a boat for 4 hours with no shade… My white skin and I were prepared. I bought a hat and reapplied sunscreen every 30 minutes or so.

boat 1boat 12This was the waiting area to board the boats.   boat 2The straw hat ladies…. and John.    boat 3Leah and I before we really got covered in foam.

After standing in the hot sun for about an hour, we boarded a small boat that help almost 20 people.. Tight quarters if I say so myself. The boat drove around the bay for about an hour passing big party boats with bands, music, and even DJs. As you can see from the pictures, there were boats of every size.

boat 9boat 6 boat 10

Once the parade began, we parked our boat next to the rope and watched the beauty queens row by. Once they finished, all the little boats revered their engines and sped to the next location to watch the parade all over again. I am not sure why we needed to see them three more times, but it was fun to speed by all of the big boats. The water was so crowded… I am surprised there were not more accidents. We did collide or bump into three boats, but everyone was very calm about it. At every location along the parade route, people would throw colored water balloons (aka little bags of colored water) at each other, foam each other, and even throw buckets of bay water at each other. It was overall a good time.

boat 11 boat 5 boat 8

Right in the middle of the parade, we looked up and saw this rainbow. It was such a beautiful day. I will say there are not a lot of events going on in Cartagena throughout the year, but when there is something they go big. Expense does not matter and it is a good time had by all. Go BIG or go home!!!!


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