Medellin take 4 

Guess what? I downloaded my blog onto my phone! I think this means that I will write more… Or at least I hope so! I have decided that living by a beach is nice, but being in the mountains is even better. This past weekend a few friends and I went to Medellin. I love that city! It is cooler than Cartagena and it has so many more things to do… Especially outdoors things. We got there Friday night and ate Dominos pizza (trust me, it is delicious when you don’t have it all the time). That night we went out and met some friends. On Saturday, we went to Plaza Botero which is where the artist Botero displays his art work. He loves fat things. 

As you can see, he enjoys making statues of fat people. 

On Sunday, we went to Parque Arvi to see the waterfalls. It was an amazing day hiking around and seeing nature.

Well that about sums up my weekend! I am still loving my time here in Colombia and I look forward to showing you more soon!


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