Sunsets and Rainbows

Being away from family and friends around your birthday is a difficult thing. Sometimes, I wonder why I am here away from the people who love me, but then I remember… I am here for me. I am here to explore new places, to grow as an educator, to enjoy the beauty of other places, and to meet new people. I have one amazing friend in particular who is always there for me no matter what. She was one of two people from school who came out for my birthday last year! Every weekend, we enjoy making breakfast and having a wine or beer night, and when I am really stressed she talks me off the ledge. She is the one who reminds me of the beauty of this amazing country which brings me to… Rainbows and sunsets! It is hard to be angry in life when you see natures beauty on a daily basis. Being away from home is always difficult, but then I take a step back and enjoy the beauty around me and remind myself that my family and friends are still there and they still love me! Thank you to all my friends and family around the world who have helped me grow as a person and who continues to support me on my journeys! Love you 😘 


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