Coffee Country with Kathy- Salento, Colombia

Kathy and I went to Coffee country from October 6-12, 2014.  We spent 3 days in Salento at an amazing hostel called La Serrana. They had amazing dinners and an awesome atmosphere.


We spent an entire day hiking the Valle de Cocora. What we thought was an easy hike turned into a 6 hour adventure of crossing rivers and then seeing the bridge, getting lost in a field of cows and horses, and making our way over countless questionable bridges. Kathy does not enjoy bridges which made it difficult and hysterical at the same time.  



The next day we (well just me) went on a horseback riding trip to a waterfall. Kathy made it down one hill before she decided that her horse and her were not going to be friends. I went to the waterfall in a group of 10 people, it was pretty amazing. On our way back, it started to downpour. I don’t think I have ever been so wet! 


We spent a few hours at a cafe where they gave us a class on making coffee. That was a lot of fun! He prepared the coffee 5 different ways and showed us how each one tasted differently. Wew bet to a coffee plantation called Don Elias which was a small family finca. It was a lot of fun until I dropped my phone in the toilet! No worries, I was able to save it! 



Our three days in Salento were jam packed and amazing! I look forward to going back to Salento again! 


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